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“We are two Brazilians from Sao Paulo, I am a Pro Fighter and MMA Grappling coach from the legendary Chute Boxe Academy since the 80s. We live in a small town in Arizona USA and we have a very successful Kids Team on the Grand Canyon State.
I invest a lot of time on a high quality training for my students and in special to our kids class and that’s why we are a successful team with uncountable titles and awards.

My son Davi is growing and besides training He likes to watch YouTube. One day He came with the idea of making his own videos and a YouTube Channel. I asked what kind of videos and the answer was “I want to teach BJJ to other kids” and I loved it! The result is Jiu-Jitsu ABC. Now We have our YouTube Channel and we have our Videos Series divide in episodes. From the very basic to toddlers and beginners and moving up to competition style or higher rank kids.  Self Defense and Muay Thai will be there too soon. Hope you Guys visit our JIUJITSUABC.COM and leave your feedback. Hope you all enjoy our videos and Thank You for all the support to our channel. ” – Andre Quiles

I am sure Myself and my son Davi are the very first Son and Father  on line coaching together. Davi is growing fast and he started training since he was able to walk. He just started his Tournaments journey with a lot of good titles.

We like to answer questions from our subscribers and share techniques. I will do my best to it as simple and short as possible to make sure kids will watch and learn from Jiu-Jitsu ABC.
It’s was Davi’s idea to make the videos and to have a kid “teaching” will make it easier and more fun for other kids to learn. I am sure we are getting better on every video. We will keep moving forward and any help is welcome.

Please CONTACT with comments, suggestions or questions.

Andre Quiles