Anti Bullying video series



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    10 Episodes with everything a kid needs to know about self protection. 

A simple and effective way to build up your kid confidence and make sure the kids are able to stand for themselves.

With all the respect I am tired of The traditional Martial “Masters” teaching Kids all those fancy and ineffective “techniques”. I have seen kids with 10 years old from traditional martial arts wearing a black belt! REALLY!?!? They arrive at our gym because their parents are tired of paying for their belt promotions and because after getting bullied at the school they realize all the time and money spent was a big loss.
I have been teaching from Special Forces to Swat teams around the planet and a bad instruction can be very dangerous. I will make sure all we show here are things that will work and with all the limitations and different approaches.
We want to avoid confrontation. But sometimes it’s just not possible and your kid can become the victim.
Bullies will always look for a smaller or weaker kid. They are predators and a predator never looks for a fight. They are only looking for a “meal”.  Some times a smaller kid can bully your kid just because he is self confident and mentally stronger than your kid. Let’s change it!
We need to build that confidence on our kids. The only way for that is preparing them for the worst.

We will make it on a fun way, with no pressure but always empowering your child.

Life is not easy and as they grow they can get more or less confident.
A weak kid can face life problems. From being a timid kid with social problems to a depressed kid. But on the other side a confident kid will deal much better with all the problems life can bring.
The way an adult confident person deal with a problem is different of the way a low self esteem adult deal with the same problem.
We have a saying in Brazil that is some time “cruel” but it’s true.  – “If a kid need to cry I will make sure it will not be my kid ” I do not want my son to be an aggressive kid or a bully but more than that I want to make sure my son can defend himself. Besides that a confident kid will always be able to control and avoid bad situations.

I will make a Short 10 Episodes with the basics of kids self defense but a solid base will be applied. I have been changing many kids reactions to the bullying problem. Give them tools and they naturally will be stronger and little by little they will be able to protect themselves and that’s our objective as parents.

Let me know if you have any QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS.

Andre Quiles